• Destination: Simplicity

Keep the focus on the users

Our goal is to make complex software feel simple.

At Whitespace, we add value by:

  • Facilitating communication so that your business owners, IT teams, and end users share a common project vision
  • Incorporating “agile” user feedback throughout the project lifecycle so that you save time and money
  • Focusing on user adoption so that you get a better return on your software investments

User centered approach

We follow a user centered design (UCD) process as defined under ISO 9241-210. This means an active involvement of the stakeholders and the end users throughout the project lifecycle, as well as an iterative design and development phase that includes user testing.

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The elements of user centered design

Lean? Agile? … of course!

UX methodology is perfectly suited to lean and agile development environments.

We offer the possibility to embed UX experts in your development teams to ensure the Scrum process remains user focused. And if it’s quick wins you’re looking for, be sure to check out our Design Sprint Package.

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Techniques we use


Design Thinking / Design Sprints
Project vision
Competitive assessment
Heuristic ("Expert") review
User surveys, interviews, observation
Personas / scenarios / user journeys


Information architecture
Task modelling
Wireframes / prototypes
User stories / specs
Graphic design
HTML / CSS templates


Tree testing
Agile user testing
Mobile user testing
Remote user testing
Behavior tracking
A/B testing

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci –