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UX for the enterprise

We provide a full range of enterprise UX services that deliver value for money. On smaller projects, we offer implementation services in addition to our core UX practice. For larger and more complex projects, we collaborate with trusted development partners and your internal IT staff on the implementation portion.

Design sprint package

You can get a lot of valuable feedback from a prototype.

And you can get it in as little as 5 days with our Design Sprint offering.

Aimed at both startups and enterprise clients, this package is based on Google Ventures’ condensed process for designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with real users.

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We work with your IT and business teams to create intranet solutions that users “own” and feel comfortable with, thereby boosting adoption rates and increasing productivity.

Whether you’re running Microsoft SharePoint – or ECM solutions from Oracle, IBM, SAP, Adobe, Jive, or Liferay – we can help with everything from content strategy and information architecture to design, implementation, and training.

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Business applications & data visualization

Enterprises that invest in design and UX outperform their peers by as much as 228%. If your company is serious about employee productivity, then your enterprise applications and data visualization tools must adapt to fit the needs of your workforce.

From custom SAP Fiori applications, to home-grown line-of-business tools, GIS applications, or personalized dashboards built on Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI – our approach balances the users’ needs with the priorities and resource constraints of the organization.

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We work with large and mid-sized enterprises to get the most out of their E-Commerce platforms – whether it’s Magento, SAP, IBM or Oracle. Despite the availability of well-established design patterns and platforms, no two online businesses are the same and there is still plenty of room for companies to use these tools sub-optimally.

Improving the search/filtering, product detail, and purchase process functionality requires thorough user research, realistic prototyping, and agile user testing, with additional measurement available via A/B testing and behavior tracking. Part art, part science – in the end, our goal is to boost your business’ bottom line.

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Mega sites

The bigger the site, the greater the complexity. We have helped many large organizations consolidate their disparate web properties into a coherent and rationalized whole. When it comes to deep content sites, the role of information architecture and navigational structure is paramount.

We collaborate with your internal and external stakeholders to find the right balance between top-level strategic priorities and departmental goals – all the while keeping the key users at the forefront of design decisions. Our expertise covers responsive design for WordPress, Drupal, and other CMS platforms.

Mobile & Chatbots

For many companies, mobile is a new frontier where false steps can lead to frustrated users and expensive shelfware. Developing for mobile platforms is different than building desktop applications, and for this reason we follow a number of mobile-first design practices in order to balance simplicity, elegance, efficiency, and emotion.

Likewise, conversational interfaces such as chatbots and voicebots are increasingly popular interfaces on mobile and desktop platforms. Gartner estimates that by 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with a business without interacting with a human. Employees, too, are using bots to accomplish tasks normally handled by the Service Desk or HR, such as changing a forgotten password, requesting vacation time, or booking business travel.

To help your company’s chatbot initiatives succeed, we carefully craft the dialog flow and bot personality to match the brand identity, task scope, and intended audience. Our user-centered methodology is both pragmatic and iterative, ensuring that your mobile applications and chatbots are designed, tested, and fine-tuned to meet the dynamic needs of real users.

Whitespace is proud to be an official host of the Geneva chapter of bottish.co, the international online conference about bots, AI, and machine learning. Please visit bottish.co/geneva for more information.


Interested in building a UX culture at your company? Based in part on courses we teach at CREA Genève, we have developed training materials that give you the theoretical and practical tools needed to integrate UX methodology into your day-to-day development practices.

Our approach is flexible and can be tailored to your company’s preferred IT project management process, whether it’s Agile/Scrum, PMI/waterfall, or Lean.

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How we do it

Want to know more about our process?

Take a look at our iterative user centered design approach, including examples of the tools and techniques we use on a regular basis.