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Human-centered design and development

UX First™

Agile without UX is a strategic error. You can churn out thousands of story points, release MVPs and iterations in rapid succession, and still fail to deliver a usable product or service. Fortunately, UX takes the guesswork out of Agile.

Gone are the days when technology choices and personal opinions dictated strategic decisions. Modern digital transformation is about using qualitative insights and quantitative data to understand human needs. From now on, it's UX First™.

Agile for humans

Our UX First™ approach builds upon well established Agile, Lean, and DevOps practices. To these we add strategic human-centered research, innovation, and DesignOps components that bring business and IT stakeholders together around a common vision.

Agile development in a silo can often mean building products people do not need or cannot use. In contrast, UX First™ is all about business and IT stakeholders collaborating to give people the environment, tools, and processes they need to do their jobs better, faster, and easier.

Our UX First™ Approach: Design Thinking + Agile UX Delivery

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Our approach

We build the human value chain

Digital transformation initiatives will not lead to desired business outcomes unless the right stakeholders have a seat at the table - and that includes your employees and customers.

Employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) are of paramount strategic significance. They are where human values and business values intersect.

IT, HR, R&D, and other departments have a key role to play in making digital transformation work, and the human-centered design process is what brings these departmental silos together to effect positive change on the organization.

We follow industry standards

Whitespace follows the human-centered design process as defined under ISO 9241-210:2019. This means the active involvement of stakeholders and end users throughout the project lifecycle, as well as an iterative design and development cycle that includes usability testing.

As strong believers in inclusive design, we respect WCAG standards of accessibility and are continually on the lookout for the extremes and edge cases, which is where insights for innovation often occur.

We meet ISO 27000, ISO 9001, EN 9100, CMMI Level 2, and ISTQB standards by way of partnerships with certified IT services companies.

We foster strong partnerships

Our strategic partners bring the added domain knowledge, quality assurance, and technical expertise necessary to deliver compliant solutions in a number of highly regulated industries, including life sciences, aerospace, insurance, and banking.

Strong partnerships make us highly competitive. We keep overhead low and work with our dedicated nearshore teams to build cost-effective solutions that deliver value for money. Together, we deliver higher quality results, faster, and at a fraction of the cost of larger consulting firms.

"Your customers only see your user experience (UX). They don’t see how many developers you had or if you were Agile or Lean. They have no idea which DevOps tools are being used. Your company’s UX is the product, and it can make or break you."

– Debbie Levitt, author of Delta CX

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