Why UX works.

Digital diplomacy for digital transformation

Change management

"Digital transformation is not about technology – it is about new ways of strategic thinking, discovering the next stage of value creation and growth for your business."

– David Rogers, author of the Digital Transformation Playbook

By placing an emphasis on value creation for employees and customers, human-centered design has become a game-changer for how digital transformation is done.

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Value creation

UX is like digital diplomacy

In today's business environment, it's not about how agile you are, it's about how much empathy you have. Successful digital transformation requires a culture shift. For this, you need human-centered values, tools, and processes that align IT with HR and other business functions.

As long-time practitioners, we know that the value of UX extends well beyond the screen. Our human-centered approach creates a shared understanding between business and IT teams and is a catalyst for advancing your digital transformation initiatives.

UX drives adoption & engagement

We understand that for most IT teams, a successful project is one that is delivered on time, on budget, and is feature complete.

While we agree in principle, we also strongly advocate for the addition of user experience criteria including adoption, efficiency, and engagement. Over time, the UX criteria are of greater strategic importance.

UX is good for the bottom line

The best products and services are the result of observation, empathy, and insight into real human needs. Human-centered design works because it puts the emphasis on the value perceived by the user, not the technology or tools used to deliver that value.

The market agrees. McKinsey's 2018 report entitled The Business Value of Design found that "Companies with top-quartile McKinsey Design Index scores outperformed industry-benchmark growth by as must as two to one."

You can read the full report online and download a PDF copy. 

McKinsey Design Index
From the 2018 McKinsey report: The Business Value of Design.

"The potential for design-driven growth is enormous for both product and service-based sectors."

– McKinsey: The Business Value of Design

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