Get the foundations right – why agile development needs UX

There has been lots of discussion in the UX community about the compatibility or not of agile development and the principles of user centered design (UCD). The fact that developers are aiming to produce something fast in small iterations can have a scary note to it – best captured in Alan Cooper’s book The Inmates are running the Asylum.

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Agile UX – how UX and development can work together

Created by a gathering of developers in early 2001, the agile manifesto espouses a number of beliefs that are very much in line with user centered design (UCD).

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Get up, stand up! – case study of UX in an agile environment

9h30 – “Ok, let’s do the stand up!”

Between five to 10 people promptly gather around the whiteboard every morning and give updates on their work, raise flags when they are blocked or when they need help… who is to say that agile projects are chaotic?

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Agile user testing – saving costs

User testing still has an aura of complexity around it – people think of it as time and cost-consuming, and often dispensable. “Why test this, we should know what’s best, after all, we are the experts and it will add cost!”

Truth is, people who conceive applications usually don’t know what’s going on in the users’ minds.

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