Why UX makes good business sense

Most requirement lists contain a “make it simple” or “make it user-friendly” request. Easy to say – not so easy to do. In fact, making a complex system appear simple and intuitive is hard work. It requires a thorough user-centered and collaborative approach. In the end, the pay-off is not just a more usable system, but also one that will save costs and time in many ways.

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What’s the ROI of UX?

Much has been written about the value of user experience (UX) and how a user-centered design approach can help organizations avoid some of the classic pitfalls that cause IT projects to go over budget, extend past deadlines, or fail outright. Most of the discussion focuses on revenue and cost saving metrics.

While it’s certainly valid to make the financial case for UX, I believe that for many organizations it’s not only about profits but also about people. After all, software applications don’t run businesses, people do.

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