The elements of user centered design

At Whitespace, we follow a user centered design (UCD) process as defined under ISO 9241-210. This means an active involvement of the stakeholders and the end users throughout the project lifecycle, as well as an iterative design and development phase that includes user testing.

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Don’t change it! – 8 ways to wean reluctant users off legacy systems

No doubt, the biggest mantra for a UX professional is to focus on the user, and rightfully so. Even though most users should never design a system by themselves, it makes perfect sense to talk to them, observe as they perform routine tasks, and engage them in workshops and usability testing.

After all, users know what’s best for them. Or do they?

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Why UX makes good business sense

Most requirement lists contain a “make it simple” or “make it user-friendly” request. Easy to say – not so easy to do. In fact, making a complex system appear simple and intuitive is hard work. It requires a thorough user-centered and collaborative approach. In the end, the pay-off is not just a more usable system, but also one that will save costs and time in many ways.

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